Amy Coville Massage

LMT #12345

Sublimity, Oregon | Redmond, Oregon

Meet your massage therapist

Hi! My name is Amy. I have been a licensed massage therapist for 21 years. I have a strong commitment to returning phone calls, emails, and booking appointments promptly. I try to bring excellence into each massage.

I love where I live and am excited to promote health, well being, and a quality of life through mindful bodywork. If you are looking for a professional, therapeutic massage, I look forward to meeting you!





We can figure it out

I have created a little oasis within my home. It’s a comfortable, warm and quiet room that is easily accessed. It’s private and you will feel relaxed just stepping inside. You will be able to successfully leave the outside world on the front porch and completely get away.

We can create your very own “Massage Casserole” together. Please click on the Rates & Service section.


Every massage will be tailored to fit each indivdual’s needs (deep tissue, relaxation, rehabilitation).