About Me

I believe you need to value your time and decrease stress.  Renew your energy and ambition.  Slow down, find your Source, and take time to invest in the optimal you. This is your life – live it to the fullest.

Amy Coville Massage


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My first job as a licensed massage therapist, I traveled with my table to different Hotels and Resorts in Phoenix, Arizona. I worked on famous athletes, business people, all different types of folks. A little over a year later, I began working at a high paced resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. I really enjoyed the spa atmosphere so I decided to move home to Central Oregon and open my own massage practice. Which was awesome! Eventually, the recession slowed my business and I found my way to a chiropractor in Albany, Oregon. It was him and I in the beginning and then the practice morphed into a booming 4 massage therapist/2 doctor practice. While I was living and working in Albany, I came home to my brother-in-law’s birthday party, where I happened to meet my future husband. We married and moved for his job to Grants Pass for 2 years. His job also brought us back to the Valley eight years ago and we absolutely love it!

A few things for you to do daily

  • Take deep breaths.
  • See the humor in everything.
  • Go for walks.
  • Stretch.
  • Drink water because it’s good for you. It also makes the wrinkles go away.
  • Focus on good things.
  • Smile and let your light shine.
  • Take yourself seriously…but not too seriously.